Filling the Tank with Orsanco

Each year for the past 10 years during BBQ on the River, Orsanco fills up an aquarium to show the diversity of aquatic life in the Ohio River Valley. Orsanco’s mission is to improve water quality in the Ohio River Basin¬†so that the river and its tributaries can be used for drinking water, industrial supplies, and recreational purposes; and can support a healthy and diverse aquatic community. ORSANCO operates monitoring programs to check for pollutants and toxins that may interfere with specific uses of the river, and conducts special studies to address emerging water quality issues.¬†Orsanco has discovered that Asian Carp are the perfect invader as they grow really fast and reproduce 4 to 5 times a year enabling them to outcompete native species.
Orsanco-Paducah Orsanco-Paducah Orsanco-Paducah Orsanco-Paducah Orsanco-Paducah_MG_1745

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